S9 & S9 Plus

SM-G960 and SM-G965

Please Call for Current Screen Replacement Prices.. Every week the price changes.
When a phone is first released the manufactures charge a lot of money for replacement screens however as the phone ages the screens are reduced in price.

We Use only 100% Original Parts and refuse to even stock poor quality copies.

We can Repair & Replace almost all problems with your Samsung be it any of the following or something not listed.

• Damaged, Cracked or Broken Screens
• Microphone
• Vibe motor problems
• Reception Problems
• Intermittent issues
• Camera's & Lens's
• Rear Frame or Battery Cover
• Charging Problems
• Faulty Buttons Power/ volume/ & home buttons
• Battery Problems
• Speaker audio problems

Water Damage: Some water damage problems can be corrected however please note that 50% of water damaged phones never work again.

Consideration for Waterproofing:-
All Waterproof/Water Resistant phones require special attention to waterproof adhesives and or gaskets.
Phone Screens uses good quality addhessives, however we do not guarantee the waterproofing on any phones. We do take great care in ensuring that the surfaces are clean and that gaskets or adhessives are applied correctly. We know that this will not hold out to water, as it only takes one tiny error or dust particle to cause these simple waterproofing gaskets to fail. In our experience this almost always happens. Also note that Samsung provides NO guarantee of waterproof- ness because they use very basic seals that will almost definitely fail, the seals begin to perish almost immediately after purchase, after 1 year of age, its highly likely your phone is already not waterproof.